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You are searching

for your place

in the universe. 

Your answers are here.

Let me show you the way.

  •  I know you want to be more aware of all the life forces around you and you want to  explore and expand your place in the universe. 

  •  But you need a guide -- someone who is trusted, who is experienced, who speaks the truth and is a way-shower.


  •  I've taken my lifetime of work and put together services and courses which will open the world of understanding to you.

Maggy Davidson

You WILL find enlightenment, you WILL expand your universe,

you WILL find more peace and joy in your life.

Palmistry,  Dowsing,  Astrology,  Past Life Regression,  Aromatherapy,  Chord Clearing,  Intuitive Cards,  Chakra Awareness,  Meditation,  Crystals,  Sound Vibration,  Numerology,  Space Clearing/Smudging.

"Nothing will be different tomorrow if you don't start today.

Contact me and let's start the journey together."... Maggy 

Meet me one-on-one (in person or by distance) so I can help you make some sense of it all. 

Do you want to expand your capabilities? Take a course. Learn to guide yourself and others.

"Maggy Davidson is a very gifted lifestyle and wellness consultant who uses dynamic dialogue and
creative questioning techniques which have allowed me to recognize my self limitations and to increase my awareness of the possibilities of a productive and long lasting change. I highly recommend her consulting services" .   Peter Turner

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