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So, why do we still practice Astrology? As humans, we are inclined to dismiss the things in life that do not work; yet after some 3900 years, Astrology is still around. When we have an astrological chart cast, it shows a depth of who we truly are, what our potential is, and what we could achieve. When we don’t like what the chart says, we will dismiss it. When we know it to be accurate, and we like the content, we agree with it.


There are several main forms of astrology - Eastern, and Western. Western Astrology has many branches to it – Natal, transits, and progressions and relationship charts are the most common. Another branch is Horary Astrology which can be used to find lost objects. It is this form of astrology that is used to create the daily astrology in the newspapers.

Maggy works with Natal Charts, Progressions, and Transits. She learned astrology the old way by hand and with a calculator.

Nowadays, while she uses a program to do the math and some of the interpretations, she will work with you to help you to understand your Natal (birth) Chart and to get the answers you are seeking by looking at from your Progressions and Transits.

Natal Charts

The natal chart is a snapshot in time based on your time, day, month and year of your birth. It provides a detailed report on your personality, who you are at your core. Your Birth or Natal chart tells how you will tend to react under
difficult circumstances.


Your personality never changes; however it is strongly influenced by your life circumstances and environment. We do “mellow” as we gain life experience and we learn to choose whether we react or whether we respond to what occurs around us.

To truly make choices in our lives, we need to know who we really are at our core. To know our authentic self.

The Natal chart includes a horoscope wheel with your planetary and house placements together with about fifteen pages of text. It is a great way to get to know yourself.


These are calculated from your Natal Chart on the premise of one day's movement is one year of life. As the planets continue their movement around the sun from where they were at your time of birth, they will move over sensitive points on your chart. As they do so, you may suddenly feel it is time to relocate, change employment, make purchases, get married, or divorced, or any number of things which will change your life. This chart gives you information about what is happening in your life right now and how the planetary aspects may affect you.


Each time the heavenly bodies pass over the sensitive spot where it was at the time of your birth, they will influence your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical etherics. The moon, for instance, passes over your natal chart plant positions once every 28 days. Saturn, however, takes 28 years or more to so. Some planets will significantly affect us by transit, and others more subtle. When we know what might be coming our way, we can be prepared.

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