I do readings using divination cards, tarot, palms, numerology, Higher Love and Oh Cards depending upon the client’s wishes and questions.

I work with the light and love of the Universe – and my readings have brought people back time and again for an 'update' on their path.

My psychic abilities began to be developed pre-teen, when I  began to study palms, then traditional tarot, then numerology, then astrology. The learning circle continues and grows with each new modality and I am blessed to be able to share my knowledge with you.

Bring your clear questions and desire to know what is occurring in your life. Clear questions lead to clear answers.

Readings can be done in person or on the phone.

Tarot and Oracle Readings

Everyone is intrigued by Tarot and Oracle Readings – whether it’s a card of the day, a short spread, or a full reading, much can be revealed through the cards.  Tarot cards can be traced to Egyptian times and more recently a hand painted deck was given as a wedding present in 16th Century France. A tarot deck will typically have 78 cards in the deck, four suits of 14 cards each, representing the astrological signs of fire, earth, air, and water, plus 22 major arcana cards that represent the less mundane times in our lives.  The best known deck is the Rider-Waite deck which has many symbols known subconsciously in our DNA.

Oracle or divination cards may have anywhere from 24 to 44 cards and are individual in their messages, often with words and the artists own symbols.  Artwork is simple or complex and always there is a theme.  Often oracle cards will include animals, crystals, fairies, unicorns, Native, abstract art, and include symbols shown only on that deck. 

Answers always appear


Your giftings, and future are revealed in the palms of your hand.  What giftings do you have - How long will your life be?  Were you an obedient child, or very independent?  Will you marry, outlive your spouse, how many children will you have, what’s your astrological sign – air, earth, water, or fire and how does that affect the various aspects of your daily life?  Are you a worker-bee or a leader at work, or one who needs to be catered to after?  When working on a project, are you interested in the details or the big picture?

Pendulum Dowsing

Divination using your own body, “L” rods, a bobber, or a pendulum is an easily learned skill – it takes practice and trust.  Most people are familiar with dowsing for water and precious metals.  Dowsing can however determine the location of a lost object, or help determine which foods or vitamins are needed by the body.   Maggy offers a vibrational body balance, using a pendulum to determine which remedies are needed to bring the body back into balance.   All you need is a chart and your intent. 

Pendulums can also be used for land healing and determining the optimum location for an herb garden to please the fairy folk or build a medicine wheel.  So many applications!


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