Have you ever wished you had a Genie? Someone who could explain why you are here and how to go about fulfilling your mission, and bring your manifestations to life? Well, the Genie is here! Imagine having a magic lamp that hides within it a powerful genie that when unleashed has the power to make your every wish come true. That power is within you right now! It is hidden in your DNA! Join me on a magical carpet ride to the heart of your Desires as you discover how to use the Law of Attraction to unlock the Secret of your abundance held in your genes.

Have you ever wanted… To become the Wish Master? To make every Wish Come True? To have Success Chase You rather than you chasing success? Have you ever asked... “Is there a way I can release the fears and self-doubt that block the expression of my true Desires?” “Is there a map that will help me find my way back to myself so that I may manifest my world?” Well, your wishes have been granted, for in this course you will discover that the most powerful manifestation tool in the world is within you. You will learn how to live life to its fullest by awakening the freedom to be YOU! You will connect with your highest potential and your divine right to manifest your heart’s Desires.

This profound work is first done one on one ($50), and once you have experienced it, the option of attending group sessions is available to you.
How does it work?  - Our DNA carries our memories from all experiences of the form - from our genealogical history. DNA can be traced back through many thousands of years. We may not be conscious of what old memories (interference patterns) we have carried forward into this life; however, we carry them nonetheless. In this healing modality you identify your desire, and the practitioner works with you to identify the patterns that are blocking you, then you create your intention, eliminate the obstacles, and allow the transformation. We do a meditation at the culmination of the one hour session and it is the energy work of the meditation that creates the transformation.

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