This art (and science), which has been around for thousands of years, was made popular in the late 1800's by Cheiro (William John Warner). Many books have been written about the subject and his 1910 publication remains one of the best.

Much can be told about an individual from their Palm - in terms of their character, health marriage, children, lifespan and talents.

This six hour class will work with the hand shapes and the lines of the hand (chiromancy). From the hand, there will be clues of the astrological sign governing the individual, whether they are a worrier, like details and so on.

Handouts will be available and books will be recommended.

I began learning this art as a pre-teen and continue to learn with each palm reading experience. It's a rich topic. When I worked for police departments, I learned he fingerprint technicians had a secret interest in palmistry. Come and learn to reveal the fortune in your hand!


Cost for this six hour course is $175 and includes handouts.



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