Intuition = Seeing

By Maggy Davidson

We all have intuition (psychic ability) and most people doubt their ability. Many times each day, I hear people say, “I wish I could see auras – but I don’t see auras.” We are such non-believers in our own abilities. When someone says, “I don’t see auras”, I ask them to tell me what color my aura is, and to do this without thinking, just say the first colour that comes to mind – and they will say yellow or pink – of course that will depend upon what’s been happening in my life that day.

When you see someone walking down the street, do you ever get the idea that the individual is positive and creative, or full of love – happy, or dark and gloomy – which might make you want to avoid them? In this moment you are “seeing” their aura.

All of us are psychic – and we all have the ability to “see”. “Seeing” has several definitions. Clairvoyance (clear vision), clairaudient (hearing/listening), clairalience (smelling), clairgustance (tasting), clairsentience, and claircognizence. And each has its challenges.

Clairvoyance – where the person sees visions, or flashes of information/pictures as though through their eyes. Sometimes it can be like a ticker-tape of information passing in your view. This is the most commonly depicted “sight” in our very visual world – and it is what the majority of folk perceive as being psychic.

Clairaudient – where people hear voices or sounds or words. Sometimes they are awakened from sleep by a sound or voice.

Clairalience – the best descriptor of this ability is when one recognizes a smell and then knows what it refers to. For instance, when an individual is near death, there can be a smell, and once you’ve experienced it, you know for the next time.

Clairgustance – have you ever been in the grocery store, walked by produce, and been able to taste it without it even being near enough to touch or smell? That’s clairgustance!

Clairsentience is when we know something because we can feel it on our body – we don’t always know why we know, we just feel it. For example, you might be perfectly healthy and free of any pain, when you realize your lower leg is painful, and you look around and there is a person nearby with a cast on their leg.

Claircognizance – is when you know, and you don’t know how you know. You just know. No explanation can be given. For example, seeing a newly pregnant woman and “knowing” they are having a girl.

Clairvoyance (clear vision) is the best known psychic ability and the easiest psychic ability to depict on the big screen and it is therefore most commonly shown in TV and movies. Many people think clairvoyance is the only way to see. Truly, clairvoyance is very useful when you understand your own language. Many with this gift have not learned how to translate the information they receive and remain silent because they don’t even know they are receiving information. I made a comment to a clairvoyant friend one day, saying I wish I had her sight – and her response was that if I could see how her sight appeared to her, I would rather stay with my own clairsentience. Her clairvoyance did not present like a movie screen with clear interpretation, it was a kaleidoscope of colours and she had to learn to translate the meaning, which put her into her thinking mind.She then had to learn how to translate it into feeling in order to trust the information. Those with the other psychic abilities, are challenged because they “doubt” the information, and think “if only I could see”.

Clairsentients “feel” on their bodies, and claircognizants just “know” – and because they have no physical or scientific proof of their feeling or knowing, they doubt the reality.

The answer to these dilemmas is simple – embrace it all and become what I jokingly call Clair-All! Clair-All would be a combination of all of these abilities. Is it achievable? YES! How? Meditation is a great place to begin – we experience so much incoming information – 48 thoughts per minute or 70,000 thoughts per day for the average person. Stilling the mind makes information in the mind more available, and can be achieved through meditation. Meditation can take many forms and does not have to means sitting still with eyes closed saying a mantra – it can mean playing solitaire or listening to quiet music, or walking in nature. Meditating and developing psychic talents can be compared to sports training, precision muscle movements take time and dedication to develop, and learning to trust your psychic abilities will take time also.

After all, when learned to walk, you first stood up and took a step, then fell down, did you say, “Oh well, I’ll just keep crawling. I come from a long line of crawlers.” Or did you stand and try again until you mastered the movement. Give yourself time to develop this new skill.

October 2013

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