The Auric Field and Protection

By Maggy Davidson -

What are the Auric Fields?

Our human aura has seven layers of etherics and each of these seven relate to the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. These layers communicate energy and information between the body and its immediate external environment. So when a person is exposed to gratitude, the aura is aware of that, and similarly when exposed to negative energy.

What is important to understand is that negative energy is non-discriminatory – it will simply attach wherever and whenever it can, basically whatever the human intends or allows. Negativity absorbed will first show in the aura as a dark or grey space, or a hole or a pin prick. Anyone consistently exposed to naysayers in their life, will have negativity or a beginning of dis-ease in their etherics. This drains your energy. Once the dis-ease has entered the aura, it has a way into the physical body and becomes an illness. Some teachings say that dis-ease will show in the aura for two days before it shows on the physical body. For this reason, it is important to keep your aura clear (and your thoughts positive) at all times. This means protection. Many energetic teachings fail to address the need to protect oneself from negative energy.

The seven layers of the aura or etherics are

  • Etheric body – closest to your physical body is blue, constantly in motion, and it is a higher vibration than the physical body. It vibrates at 15-20 cycles per second and is about one to five cm thick. The key words are, “I exist, according to my beliefs.” This layer corresponds to the physical life, feelings, physical pleasure and pain, and physical health and well-being.

  • Emotional Body connects to the sacral chakra and is two to five centimeters wide. Emotional body gives the opportunity to have desires, emotions, imagination and psychic abilities. It gives strength, which is essential for effective action and manifestation in life.

  • Mental body relates to our solar plexus chakra and is six to ten cm wide. The expression of mind is - I think according to my beliefs.

  • Astral Body relates to our interaction between people – love and relationships, with ourself, with our body and, God. It is the dividing line between the higher and lower expressions of ourselves and shows our capacity for conditional and unconditional love. It is 15 to 30 cm wide. The expression of mind is – I desire according to my beliefs.

  • Etheric Double is 30 to 60 cm from the body and is cobalt blue in colour. The expression of the mind is I desire, according to my beliefs. Striving to align with the divine, to speak and to pursue the truth. – This etheric connects to the throat chakra.

  • Celestial Body (heavenly) is the sixth layer of the etherics and relates to the third eye, unconditional love, spiritual ecstasy, and group consciousness. It extends 80 to 90 cm from the body and is about talking to God. The expression is - I love what I believe in.

  • The Causal Body or Ketheric layer of the aura is the film through which we travel in meditation to become one with the Divine and to access the Akashic record and look at our past lives. It extends about one meter around the body and is composed of fine golden threads of light and egg shaped. It relates to the Crown Chakra. This etheric contains the plan of life or “soul contract”. This is where we become one with the universe and where some psychics can see the bands of our past lives; however very few people claim to be able to see this auric layer. This layer is the most intensive energy.

An aura can be controlled by its individual and a healthy normal aura will extend up to four feet. We can make it smaller or larger. With some trained stage performers it can be directed into the audience.

For protection, one can intend a clear crystalline egg shaped structure or shield all around the body etherics or aura and further intend that only love can go through the shield. It will be as if one were encapsulated in an egg. Maintaining the protection takes practice and intent.

Many stones and crystals (lapis lazouli, hematite, onyx, obsidian, labradorite, shungite and others) may be used as a further protection.

Every human and most animals “see” auras, whether from a place of clairvoyance (vision), claircognizance (know), clairsentience (feel), clairgustance (taste), or clair-noyance (smell). Be aware of and start to protect your aura to conserve your energy!

Biography of Maggy Davidson

Maggy Davidson is a Coach, Teacher, Healer and Way Shower with over 40 years’ experience. At Spirit Quest Books in Salmon Arm, she offers several services, classes and courses.

Contact her at:

  • 250.804.0392



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