Space Clearing/Smudging

Wherever we go, we take ourselves and everything we’ve connected to with us.  In other words, we all have our stuff.  Some is positive, some is negative.


Many shamanic traditions around the world clear space and make sacred space before a ceremony or undertaking anything new.  Even building a new house.   Years ago contractors would put a “lucky penny” in each corner of the house they were building.


One of the first things we need to be cognizant of is our own personal space, then the space around our loved ones, our home, our work and everywhere we travel.  Not everything out there is for our best interest and we do know from psychology that one negative undoes nine positives.  For example, nine people make a positive comment on your new haircut or wardrobe item and then one will make a negative comment.  As humans we tend to focus on the one negative, forgetting the nine positives.


I have an acquaintance who works with the public and often the public are neither calm nor kind – and she looks after her energy field by regularly smudging her own etheric system, especially if she’s just spoken with a cranky customer.


Clearing and maintaining a pristine personal space is something we need to be more conscious of, and there is a multitude of ways to accomplish this.  Smudge, spray, oils, sound, intention, ritual and so much more.


Everyone benefits from this knowledge.

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