Intuitive Cards

This six hour class will be two evening sessions  or one daytime session.  It will cover meanings of the cards first and then we will work with tarot spreads and the influence of adjacent cards to those in the reading. Cards can be interpreted from books or from your intuition - and the greatest success is gained from a combination of both - your knowledge from books and your intuition!

You already have great intuition and when anyone first begins with the Tarot, doing readings can be intimidating. Even if you've been practicing for years, you may be hesitant to rely on your intuition and want to rely on a book. There is a knowing within our DNA and often we resist allowing that knowing.

The first session will deal with the history, the four suits (the 56 cards of the minor arcana). The second session will be about the major arcana cards and their meanings,  Both sessions will include some numerology.

I prefer students to begin with a version of the Rider Waite deck - primarily because it is the most common out there, and the symbols are classic. The book I recommend is "Exploring Patterns of The Tarot" by Norma Cowie.

Is there a superstition about purchasing your own deck?  Absolutely!  And it is just that:  Superstition! So how far into the future will your clients reading extend?  We'll talk about that too!

Classes will be offered on an on-demand basis, so send an email expressing your interest and I will put some dates together.

Class cost is $175.  Bring your deck of cards and your favourite book. There are many books out there and most decks come with a small guidebook. We want to EXPAND our thinking.


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