Training In Power

 Are you wanting to bring magic, clarity, peace, and power into your life?

This is a four-session course of four hours each class that will change your life.  

Do you want to reclaim your rightful place of power over yourself in this world?  Are you tired of others taking your power and energy, leaving you exhausted?  Do you want to know how to read auras?  Are you feeling helpless and lacking enthusiasm for each day?  Do you want to learn healing work or how to communicate with animals?  It’s all right here in Level 1 and it is taught through vibrational physics!

Most of all, you learn a meditation system that works well with the Western mind.  For Maggy, it is the one work that she has stayed with consistently.

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This work is taught with the permission of the Training In Power Academy. At this time, Maggy teaches
both “The Prophet” and Level 2, “Ancient Shamanism” and is in training to teach Level 3, “Tibetan

No matter how much metaphysical work you may have done to date, everyone starts at Level 1. If you
are ready to change, this is the course for you.

Customer Review

The "Training In Power" meditations, tools, and shielding have been a welcome addition to my busy life. While things will still happen, they are faced with courage, balance, and serenity.

— Radar, Training In Power student

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